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Scarves & Hats

Hat Scarf
LW5310HT Black LW5110SF
LW5311HT Red LW5111SF
LW5341HT Black Bear LW5141SF
LW5343HT Sunrise Horses LW5143SF
LW5345HT Snowflake LW5145SF
LW5347HT Diablo LW5147SF
LW5349HT San Pablo LW5149SF
LW5350HT San Marco LW5150SF
LW5351HT Modesto LW5151SF
LW5352HT Lapis LW5152SF
LW5353HT Salinas LW5153SF
LW5354HT Merced LW5154SF
LW5355HT Napa LW5155SF
LW5356HT Mexicali LW5156SF
LW5360HT Pine Cone LW5160SF
LW5361HT Native Horse LW5161SF
LW5362HT Stampede LW5162SF
LW5365HT Cheetah LW5165SF
LW5366HT Feathers LW5166SF
LW5367HT Frontier Horses LW5167SF
LW5368HT Moose LW5168SF
LW5369HT Woodlands LW5169SF

To view the hat and scarf patterns, please visit the
Looped Wool Blankets Page.

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MAZMANIA INC. • High-Quality, Luxurious Jackets, Blankets and More

At Mazmania we produce high-quality, luxurious, unique, apparel and blankets. We jacquard the design right into the cloth. The detail and craftmanship is unmatched in our industry. These jackets, blankets, hats, scarves and more make extraordinary gifts for holidays, preferred clients, unique give-a-ways and major corporate events.